15.07.- Dentist’s surgery

Grandas de Salime had a dental clinic, set up in the town by Tomás Fernández Linera, from the town.  The exceptional presence of such a service in rural areas can be explained by the economic and social transformation that the region underwent as a result of the construction of the Salto de Salime.


In 1960, when it was commissioned, the hydroelectric power station employed around 50 people. These workers, together with their families and the rest of the council’s population, including the neighbours of the nearby municipalities of Ozcos, Ayande, Pezós, Eilao in Asturias and Negueira de Muñiz in Galicia, constituted sufficient demand to guarantee the viability of the business, especially when another similar establishment could only be found in Veiga, Navia, A Fonsagrada, Tinéu or Cangas del Narcea.